Sweet Potato


Bonita is a culinary delight and has quickly gained prominence in the marketplace and home garden. Bonita was developed by the Louisiana State University AgCenter for the burgeoning white flesh sweetpotato market. Surprisingly most sweetpotatoes consumed in the world are actually white and not orange flesh; however, few varieties are suitable for baking. ‘Bonita’ is different.
It has the flaky texture of a Russet Burbank baking potato and something unique – a delicate nutty flavor.
The shape is surprisingly consistent whether grown in sand or a heavier soil. Plants also set a high number of consistently shaped roots. Disease resistance is excellent and it is also tolerant of excessive soil moisture – a terrific variety for the organic grower. It has become the number one white flesh variety for many reasons. It is a beauty!


Skin Colour: light tan skin with a pink cast at harvest, fades in storage
Flesh colour: white with a tinge of yellow
Speciality: Unique nutty flavor – ideal for baking. Uniform and good performer.
Susceptible/resistance to common diseases:
Soil rot: Intermediate
Root knot:


highly resistant
Fusarium wilt:


intermediate – resistant
Rhizopis soft wilt:


Fusarium root rot: Susceptible