Sweet Potato


Burgundy is special. The deep red skin sets it apart from other varieties – a real standout in the grocery shelf, but the real difference is on the table. Burgundy was developed by the LSU AgCenter for the premium sweet potato market. An unusually deep orange flesh and smooth texture is complemented with high sugar content and excellent aromatic qualities to make for a superior flavour. Only the Evangeline variety comes close and that says a lot about the flavour. It is particularly good as a microwaved sweet potato in comparison to other varieties; the high sugar content really comes through.
The storage roots tend to be slightly round in sandy soils and elliptical in heavier soils. Yield is less than Beauregard, but the grade out is good. It has excellent disease resistance – solid southern root-knot nematode, soil rot and fusarium wilt resistance. This is truly a variety for the sweet potato connoisseur.