Sweet Potato


Evangeline is our premiere offering for the sweet potato connoisseur. Why do people eat sweet potatoes? Because they are sweet! Years of breeding at the Louisiana State University AgCenter has gone into developing a variety that has twice the sucrose (63 mg/g fresh weight, baked) as typical orange fleshed varieties.
Evangeline does have less maltose, a sugar produced during cooking, but this is a great trade-off. Sucrose is perceived to be much sweeter than maltose. Evangeline also has 38 percent more beta-carotene than typical orange-flesh varieties. The deep orange, nutrient-rich flesh is unequaled. The combination of sugar and aroma-producing carotene ensures that no matter how prepared – baked, boiled or microwaved – the superior flavour comes through.
Evangeline is not the highest-yielding variety for producers, but it has superior shape and higher percent of quality roots going into a fresh-market pack compared with Beauregard. Evangeline is well-recognized in the industry for its superior flavor and keen following by those who have discovered its remarkable flavor.
Skin Colour: light rose skin, fades in storage; slightly more red than Beauregard at harvest
Flesh Colour: Intense deep orange Flesh
Specialty: Evangeline produces 40% more Beta Carotine than Beauregard
Susceptible/resistance to common diseases:
Soil rot: Intermediate – resistant
Root knot: highly resistant
Fusarium wilt: resistant
Rhizopis soft wilt: resistant
Sclerotial blight: Susceptible
Fusarium root rot: resistant