Sweet Potato


Murasaki-29 is like no other. The deep purple skin and brilliant white flesh sets it apart. Murasaki, which is Japanese for purple, was developed by the LSU AgCenter as a Japanese type sweet potato. Surprisingly popular and sold nationwide, Murasaki-29 has become the choice of producers, retailers, as well as a favorite of home gardeners. It has a slight nutty, sweet taste and is a favourite for steaming Japanese style! It is also great baked.
The shape is ideal in sandy soils and slightly round in heavier soils. It is slow to mature and takes an extra two weeks of growth to reach optimal size, but the wait is worth it. It is remarkable for the level of disease resistance and insect resistance – a terrific variety for the organic grower.
Skin Colour: dark purple skin
Flesh Colour: white flesh


Very well suited for boiling and not so sweet than the other varieties, but needs a longer growing time of 120-130 days.
Susceptible/resistance to common diseases:
Soil rot: Intermediate – resistant
Root knot: highly resistant
Fusarium wilt: resistant
Rhizopis soft wilt:


highly resistant
Fusarium root rot: resistant