Sweet Potato


Orleans is an exciting new variety developed by the Louisiana State University AgCenter – the originators of the world class Beauregard variety. In many ways Orleans is a twin to Beauregard – and at the same time an improvement. The smooth light rose skin and deep orange flesh is indistinguishable from Beauregard so retail customers are still drawn as before. Even the sugar content is the same (11% total sugars in a baked product) so the terrific Beauregard flavour is unchanged. So what makes Orleans so special? Simply put, its shape is outstanding.
Root to root consistency in Orleans is superior to Beauregard. Growers don’t see a total yield increase, but realize a higher percent of quality roots going into a fresh market pack. Our data shows a meaningful increase in U.S. #1 production over that of Beauregard combined with a superior pack the industry now expects. Growers realize shipping quality is paramount and Orleans is quickly gaining a presence in the production field – and very soon the grocery shelf. We held a very special name in reserve – for a superior variety to come along!
Skin Colour: light rose skin indistinguishable from Beauregard
Flesh Colour: Orange flesh with an intensity similar to Beauregard
Speciality: Highly uniform production of storage roots in a size perfectly suited for the fresh market
Susceptible/resistance to common diseases:
Soil rot: Intermediate – resistant
Root knot: susceptible
Fusarium wilt: resistant
Rhizopis soft rot: resistant
Bacterial soft rot: Susceptible (same as Beauregard)
Fusarium root rot: resistant