Sweet Potato


Bellevue breaks new ground in yield performance and has the classic look of the Centennial variety. Bellevue was developed by the LSU AgCenter to fulfill many producer and consumer needs. The bright copper skin shows few blemishes and is unusually smooth. Yes, it is very different from the rose skin of Orleans and not easily mixed with other varieties in a grocery shelf, but the root to root, “cookie cutter” consistency in size and shape and smooth skin grabs attention and is worth a special spot on the grocery shelf. A bright orange flesh and mild flavor adds to its appeal.
Producers will see high grade out and strong yield, particularly under irrigation. A great storing potato, however, it requires extra pre-sprouting time to produce adequate number of plants for production fields. It has excellent southern root-knot nematode resistance – a real plus in sandy soil production. The final pack in the box is amazing – nothing compares. Markets demand shape uniformity and Bellevue delivers.