Our Story

Beotanics is the brainchild of Pat FitzGerald a well know plants man with international reputation for innovation in plant production business. Beotanics the parent company of FitzGerald Nurseries Ltd and the MyPlant Lab where the company research and produce most of its plant innovations . With 25 years experience in the development of plant varieties and production systems the company has embarked on an exciting and significant intensification of its interest in food crops.

Since original establishment as an alternative farm enterprise in 1990 the business has gone through progressive changes, adapting and evolving with market shifts and spreading its sales territory to a wider customer base. The propagation, breeding and development of many genera of plants from tissue culture, cuttings, division and seed has been core focus for FitzGerald Nurseries while the parent company Beotanics funded activities evolved brands and plant IP and further evolved plant product development into niche food crops.

Meet Our Team

  • Pat FitzGerald

    Managing Director

  • Noirin FitzGerald


  • Dr Maria Angelica Sandoval

    Production + R&D Manager

  • Melanie Honer

    EU Sales

  • Richard FitzGerald

    Assistant Researcher

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